Stay In Shape By Taking Fun Dance Lessons

Kathryn Gordon

If you're the type of person who hates going to the gym, then a dance lessons is a perfect way to stay in shape. Dancing is a fun activity, and it is also something that provides cardiovascular activity. The added benefit is that you will learn a brand new dance that you can enjoy when you go out to nightclubs.

Below is a list of some of the popular styles of dances that you might find in your area.

Afro-Cuban Dance

This class is perfect for people who love acrobatic moves, heavy drum work, and a great workout. The dances are a fusion of traditional African tribal dances and Cuban dances. The style has it's history in the African slaves who were brought to Cuba to work the sugar cane plantations. They brought with them their tribal customs, which included heavy drum music and celebratory dance (harvest, wedding, and courtship routines). The Cuban influence is seen in the heavy footwork (such as in the Flamenco) and the additional expansion of musical instruments to include the guitar. If you want to sweat and get an awesome cardio workout then this is the dance for you.

Ballroom Dancing

If you are looking for a dance that won't leave you too sweaty, then check out ballroom dancing lessons. This type of dance has the added benefit of teaching you some of the classics that you can use at many formal events. It is a particular favorite of people who are planning a wedding. You can learn how to waltz, while also slimming down for the big day.

Hip Hop Dancing

If you're someone who loves hitting the clubs on the weekend, then you should definitely check out a hip-hop dance class. When you watch a hip-hop video and see the dancers, don't make the mistake of thinking they are just models hired to dance. There is a lot of practice and choreography that goes into creating those moves. The dances are more free-form than ballroom dancing, but there is still choreography to be learned. Classic examples of hip-hop dance include popping and locking, which is great for people who love 80's and 90's hip-hop such as was seen with the In Living Color's Fly Girls. Or, for modern hip-hop there are even twerking based classes.

Salsa Dancing

If you're not into hip-hop, but still want a dance that you can use when you go out, then check out salsa dancing. This is a really fun style of dancing that is popular in any city that has a large Latino population. The dance was actually developed in New York City during the 1970's. It is an amalgam of Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Cuban styles. However, it is now also popular in Dominican communities. The dances involve a lot of footwork, spins and hard stops. It looks completely natural, yet it is definitely something that you need to take lessons in order to learn.

The great news about salsa dancing is that most big cities offer classes, and you can enjoy it at any club that plays salsa music and has a dance floor.