How To Plan A Fun Wedding Reception For Your Daughter

Kathryn Gordon

If your daughter is getting married, you are probably having very mixed emotions. Part of you is happy that she has found the man of her dreams and that she has a new life ahead of her. The other part of you might be feeling sentimental about days gone by. One thing is for sure, though. Planning a fun wedding reception for your daughter is a great way to send her and her sweetheart on their way to married life. From food to dancing, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan a very memorable event for your daughter and all of your guests. 

The Focus - As you make your plans, think about focusing on the three elements of  a wedding reception. Those three things are decorations, food and entertainment. Remember that the focus is everybody coming to see the bride in her wedding dress and to greet all of you involved in her life. Sit down and figure out how much money you want to spend on this event. After that, the planning with your daughter can be part of the memories. Remember that simplicity can be very elegant and that you're not out to impress everybody.

Decorations - Are you wanting a festive look or a classic, elegant one? For a festive look, consider using a lot of color. Perhaps your daughter has chosen a theme. For instance, if she wants a wedding reception with a Mexican theme, it would be great to put tiny pinatas in the center of the tables along with colored curling ribbon and confetti. Give traditional decorations a unique look by using things like fancy white candle lanterns or porcelain doves along with the flowers you and your daughter have chosen. Framed pictures of the bride and groom are appropriate to include in any of the centerpieces.

Food - Again, you'll ask yourself what goes with the theme of the reception. If your daughter has selected a cowboy theme, a barbecue bar would be wonderful. If you are having an elegant sit down meal served by a caterer, consider offering two different types of meat along with sides like scalloped potatoes and asparagus. Besides the usual white wedding cake, consider having a groom's cake and let the groom pick the flavor. If he has no preference, chocolate is a safe and delicious choice.

Entertainment - Hire a professional wedding DJ! There is nothing quite like dancing to celebrate a special occasion. If you hire a DJ he or she will bring all the equipment needed to provide great music, and that includes festive colored lights. The DJ will have the experience to know how to draw people out to the dance floor, too. Because you will probably have people of all ages at your daughter's wedding reception, the DJ can include music through the ages. If the newlyweds have a song that is especially meaningful to them, be sure to let the DJ know that. That goes for parents, too.

Send everybody home with a wedding treat. A little bag of decadent candies along with a note of appreciation would be perfect.