Properly Preparing Pinball Machines For A Move To A New Destination

Kathryn Gordon

If you own a tavern and have pinball machines on the premises for customer use, and you are going to be moving your business to a new establishment in the near future, there will be a need to move these classic games. Failing to take the proper steps in protecting pinball machines could lead to their unnecessary demise during a ride on a moving truck. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your games make it to your new tavern without sustaining damage while in transit.

Prepare For The Future With Photographs

It is a good idea to take several pictures of each of the pinball machines you have within your tavern. This should be done so you are able to reassemble them with ease upon their arrival to their destination. Photographs will also be useful should there be damage to any of your arcade games. The pictures will prove that a machine went into the moving truck in a different condition than it had come out, helping you to retain insurance money to make the necessary repairs to get this game unit back up and running.

Protect The Back Portion Of The Machine

The back part of a pinball machine usually shows the players' scores. In older machines, this part of a pinball arcade game will need to be removed from the rest of the unit so it can be wrapped in bubble wrap and blankets to cushion it from damage. There are bolts on the underside of this piece that will need to be removed, in addition to wiring that will need to be disconnected. Newer pinball models have back portions that fold down upon the main part of the game. It will be necessary to wrap this piece and put a thick piece of foam over the bottom unit before folding the top down so it remains protected in transit.

Secure The Glass To Avoid Shattering

The glass portions of a pinball machine should be covered so no one becomes injured should there be breakage during a move. First, tape each glass surface diagonally from corner to corner, constructing a letter "X" across each pane. This will help keep glass from breaking and will contain pieces should a break occur. Afterward, cover each glass pane with a piece of heavy-duty cardboard, using tape to keep it in place. Each part of the machine, back and bottom, can then be wrapped to keep the pieces protected.

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