Best Practices When Considering Inflatable Party Rentals

Kathryn Gordon

There are a plethora of local places to rent inflatable party rentals from in your area, and an online search will bring up pages upon pages of companies claiming to have the best in the area, the most variety, the cleanest practices, etc. In order to make the best decision, a consumer needs to know some basic information to help narrow down the options.  

Do Your Research

First and foremost, it's important to research the companies in your area. Any company will claim to be the best, but what it comes down to is what you can see for yourself.  It's highly recommended that you visit their website as opposed to just going off online reviews. People that are unhappy will review before those that are satisfied customers. A visit to their website should give you information on pricing, cleaning practices, certifications, and requirements for the area you plan to have the inflatable set up in. If you know people who have rented inflatables for a party, it would be beneficial to get their opinion on who they rented from. Talking to a representative from the company will also give you a feel for their customer service quality.  

Know What You Want

There are a lot of different types of rentals, from "moon bouncers" — think your standard bounce house — to inflatable games, slides, and obstacle courses. You have a wide range of choices when it comes to the type.  Many companies will have themed inflatables, as well.  This is beneficial for a children's birthday party, or otherwise themed party.   

Get Measurements

Depending on where you intend to have your party, you will want to get measurements from either the website of the company you have opted to go with or from a sales representative with the company. It would be important to note if the measurement stated is just for the inflatable itself, or if it includes where the stakes will need to be placed for the inflatable, as well. Additionally, you will need information about the time frame that you can keep the inflatable for, the surface the company prefers it to be on, if an attendant will be present, and any contract information that they can provide for you as well as their best safety practices to keep everyone safe while using the equipment. 

Don't be overwhelmed with the amount of options available to you online. Do your research, and you are bound to have a great experience with your rental option. Look for a company like Big Air Jumpers near you that offers inflatable birthday party rentals.