3 Benefits Of Wearing Fanny Packs On Hot Air Balloon Rides

Kathryn Gordon

When you go on a hot air balloon ride, you can experience incredible views and great thrills as you ride up high in the sky. Naturally, you may want to bring some items with you on the trip. While backpacks and purses are options, you can find more advantages when you opt for a fanny pack instead. 

The fanny pack used to be a fun fashion statement for past generations, but is now a practical way to carry items on an everyday basis. If you book a hot air balloon ride, find out some of the advantages of a fanny pack.

1. Hands-Free Options

A fanny pack provides a truly hands-free experience as you travel up in air balloon rides. You can strap the fanny pack around your waist or from your shoulder to the hip. The zippered pockets will keep items intact as you hold on to the side of a balloon. Your whole body remains free as you enjoy the sights from above. An item like a backpack may weigh down on your shoulders or create awkward movements as you navigate the hot air balloon. A purse will often dangle and could get in the way as you move around as well.

2. Quick and Easy Access

If you need to access items, you don't need to worry about swinging a bag pack around or awkwardly holding a purse. You can access the contents of a fanny pack without the need to move the fanny pack. You simply unzip the bag and reach in for items. You will have limited space on a hot air balloon ride and the easy access prevents you from bumping into others.

This easy access can help when you need items quickly as well. For example, you may want to take a quick picture of the landscape. You could unzip the fanny pack to pull out your phone. You will not need to dig into pockets and your phone will remain protected when you're not actively using it.

3. Sun Protection Items

When you ride in a hot air balloon, you will often feel direct exposure to the sun. While the balloon itself may offer shade, you may find moments where the sun shines directly in the balloon cart. A fanny pack can hold a lot of sun protection accessories for the trip. For example, you can pack extra sunscreen in the fanny pack and reapply sunscreen while up in the air. You could also pack a pair of sunglasses if you end up facing the direction of the sun.

Add a fanny pack to your list the next time you plan to go on any hot air balloon rides. The organization and use of a fanny pack will make the trip even easier to manage.

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