Sluggish Faces In The Office? Boost Morale With A Corporate Cruise

Kathryn Gordon

When you step out of your office and look out on a sea of grumpy faces, you know it's time to give your employees a retreat to get morale back up. Not only can a great retreat raise morale and, by extension, productivity, but it can also serve as a great reward for employees who consistently perform well. If you want to push your people to be their best and give them a chance to relax and have fun, there's no better way to do it than with a cruise on a privately chartered ship.

Get The Most Out Of Your Expenses

It may sound too good to be true, but hosting your retreat on a chartered cruise can actually save you money. For a start, cruise lines typically offer their own event staff as a part of the vacation package, so you won't need to hire additional staffers just to organize a one-time employee retreat. As an added bonus, cruise event staff are already adept at hosting events, so they need no training and little direction to put together shows and seminars alike.

Chartered ships also typically charge less for dining, accommodations, and entertainment all rolled together than you can expect to pay if you deal with each expense separately. In fact, one CNN author reports that companies save up to 30% on their total cost by planning corporate retreats with a cruise line instead of a hotel.

Cruises also allow you to slash one final expense: audio visual equipment. If you dislike the idea of buying a high powered projector or sound system for a one-time event, cruise lines have your back. You can often simply borrow the ship's equipment, which is usually already set up, for your meetings and speeches.

Help Your Employees Achieve Their Potential

Seminars and speeches are necessary to educate your employees and give them the skills they need to further build up your company, but at the end of the day, a corporate retreat is as much about fun as it is about business. To this end, chartered boats can offer a wide variety of exciting shows to keep your employees' minds active in between meetings. If they prefer, they can also step out of their cabins and enjoy the fresh ocean air, which provides a nice change of pace after a long meeting.

Many of your employees may have never even traveled before, so a cruise is an excellent way to get them excited about being a part of the company. If the purpose of your retreat is to give people an incentive to put their best foot forward for next year, relaxing on a hot tropical beach is definitely an effective way to do it.

If your employees have been good to you this year, be good to them! Reward them with an exciting corporate cruise and there's no telling how much you'll inspire them to grow. Even if you can't afford to charter a cruise that lasts a few days, you can check out local charter companies, like Captain Memo's Original Pirate Cruise to plan a day cruise for your employees.