• The Triptych: A New Trend In Displaying Landscapes

    26 November 2014

    While the triptych presentation has traditionally been associated with medieval Christian art, it has recently become a popular means of presenting landscape wall art. A triptych photograph or painting is broken up into three separate panels that are hung side by side.  What are the advantages of presenting a landscape as a triptych image? The following are some of the reasons why this trend has been catching on among art and interior design enthusiasts.

  • Sluggish Faces In The Office? Boost Morale With A Corporate Cruise

    19 November 2014

    When you step out of your office and look out on a sea of grumpy faces, you know it's time to give your employees a retreat to get morale back up. Not only can a great retreat raise morale and, by extension, productivity, but it can also serve as a great reward for employees who consistently perform well. If you want to push your people to be their best and give them a chance to relax and have fun, there's no better way to do it than with a cruise on a privately chartered ship.