• Key Tips For Making The Best Use Of Your Outdoor Wedding Venue As A June Bride

    22 May 2017

    If you're planning a June wedding, as almost 11 out of every 100 brides do, in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather that is associated with that month, it's important to be aware of variables that could impact your joy on your big day. For instance, although June is often lovely and warm, weather issues are always a possibility and you should have a contingency plan if the weather becomes problematic. In addition, it's a good idea to verify the size of different rental chairs in order to comfortably maximize the number of guests in a tent and to be sure that your electrical needs can be met.

  • What Birthday Gift To Buy Someone Who Has Everything

    21 March 2017

    Birthdays allow you to give individual attention and to celebrate someone special. You can make your loved one feel special in a variety of ways. It is common to plan a small gathering that include family and friends. However, a birthday is not complete without a great gift. Read on to find out what birthday gift to buy someone who has everything. Get A TV Series DVD Set It is hard to find someone who does not enjoy watching TV shows and movies, and they can never have enough DVDs.

  • 5 Great Date Ideas For The Halloween Season

    23 February 2017

    Many people look forward to October and all of the spooky Halloween activities that are only available this time of year. If you're in a relationship, October is also a great month to try out some fun and unique dates that you may not be able to do during other months. This Halloween season, consider taking your significant other  on one or more of the following dates: Pumpkin Patch The beautiful fall weather is the perfect excuse to get outside and visit a pumpkin patch.

  • 3 Ways To Make Money From Video Games

    2 February 2017

    Turning a video game hobby into an income is a great way to make a living without feeling like you are working hard to do it. If you are trying to make the most out of your love for video games, there are numerous ways that you can make money from it. The best thing about making an income from your hobby is that it can all be done from the comfort of your own home as long as you have internet access.

  • Three First-Date Ideas for Newport News Area Couples Recovering from Alcoholism

    13 January 2017

    If you and your date are both in recovery and are looking for date ides that don't involve alcohol, then your search could be frustrating. Drinks at a bar are out, and so are nightclubs. And dinner can be tricky, with everyone around you drinking wine or beer. So, instead of suffering in silence and ending up causing the date to be super awkward, it's better to just pick a place where there won't be as much of a temptation.