3 Types Of Roses And When To Buy Them

Kathryn Gordon

Knowing what types of roses to buy someone can be very tricky, especially since you do not want to send the wrong message. It can be kind of awkward sending roses that represent deep love when all you were trying to do was say "thank you" for something. Three types of roses that you can send that each have their own distinct meanings are yellow, white, and pink.


Yellow roses are one of those rose types that will never really convey a message that screams of love and affection. As such, these roses are perfect as gifts for friends, co-workers, and family members. For example, a yellow rose often signifies good health, which makes it ideal for sending to a friend who is in the hospital. 

Another use for a yellow rose is to convey a sense of joy. A few occasions that these roses are perfect for are for someone's graduation, or if someone you know has given birth.


White roses are one of the more solemn rose types, and should be reserved for bigger occasions. One occasion where white roses are extremely popular and appropriate are weddings. Since white is often thought to signify purity, white roses became one of the flowers of choice for bridal bouquets. 

Now, you can also use a white rose when you are hopeful for the future, which is why they are so very popular as part of an anniversary bouquet. So, giving someone a white rose for your anniversary is basically saying that you hope that you have many more years together. 


Finally, pink roses are among the most popular rose types to give someone, and are second only to red roses. In most cases, you will want to reserve giving a pink rose to someone that you have romantic feelings for or feelings of gratitude to. Sending someone pink roses is a great way to let them know that you have feelings for them, while not declaring your love for them as would be the case if you sent him or her a red rose.

In addition, pink roses are a great way to try and cheer up a friend. You will not have to worry about sending any mixed signals to your friend either, since pink roses are also used to show appreciation for someone. 

Speak to a florist at a shop like Aladdin's Florist & Wedding Chapel in order to get assistance with sending the right roses for the right occasion. Pink roses are great for showing affection and appreciation, while white roses are more solemn and are often reserved for big occasions. Finally, yellow roses are a great way to express joy and congratulations to a friend, family member, or acquaintance.