Four Party Furniture Rental Niches You Never Dreamed Existed

Kathryn Gordon

No matter what type of event you're hosting, you probably have a specific theme or type of decor in mind. Read on to learn about four party furniture rental niches you probably never knew about that can give your shindig just the right vibe and make it memorable for your guests.


Rustic weddings are all the rage right now, and this decor theme has bled over into other types of events as well, like engagement parties, anniversaries, and big birthdays. There's no need to create a cheesy faux rustic setting any longer, however. Say goodbye to swaths of burlap and fake barn board.

Now, there are party planning businesses that specialize in real rustic rentals. Some of the items you can rent include:

  • antique and vintage dining tables or tables made from reclaimed lumber
  • wooden milk, wine, and soda crates to hold beverages and create mini food stations
  • antique hutches and sideboards for buffet service
  • real vintage china, flatware, and stemware (mix and match all the better)
  • table linens from your grandparents' time
  • old storefronts and kiosks for dessert tables and specialty items (hello, donuts!)


Whether you simply have a hankering for a romantic Moroccan dinner setting or want authentic Indian decor for your Diwali celebration, you can find a party planner that caters to exotic furniture and accessories rental. Not only will you get colorful tents, scads of pillows, and hanging stained glass candle lanterns, you can also have tables arranged for ground seating, leather ottomans, and jewel-toned velvet settees.

Living Room

Speaking of settees, wouldn't you like your guests to have the comfort of a living room at your next event, instead of a traditional banquet table or folding chairs? There are a host of party rental specialists today that specialize in living room decor for any event.

Whether it's your reception or your buffet dinner, you can replace the typical ballroom layout with a homey smattering of sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, and Oriental rugs. Not only are these furnishings more comfortable for guests, they photograph better too and make wonderful backdrops for wedding albums and family portraits.


You might think that kids' decor is only for junior birthday parties, but what about a wedding where everyone is bringing their children or an anniversary party with all the grandkids, nieces, and nephews? Make the event kid friendly with some downsized furniture that accommodates little attendees. Ask your party planner about miniature versions of any of the above, so the wee folk at your event will be just as comfy and catered to as everyone else.

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