5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Santa

Kathryn Gordon

You're planning your office's, school's, community center's, or other organization's holiday event, and you need to hire a Santa. Obviously, you need a jolly, round older man with that special twinkle in his eyes. (A long white beard and a red suit wouldn't hurt either). Before you book a Santa Claus for your next Christmas party, check out the must-ask questions that you need to know when picking a stand-out St. Nick.

How do you handle a scared child?

If there are kids at your party, it's likely that at least one of them will start screaming at the sight of at the man in the red suit. Santa pros will handle this type of situation with grace and ease. Mall Santas for hire often have plenty of experience dealing with children who aren't exactly easy to manage. Knowing the actor's game-plan beforehand is key to a successful (and smoothly run) event.

Have you had a background check?

Any Santa Claus for hire should already have a background check completed. This check typically includes criminal-history and child-abuse checks. Coming to the job with a full background check in place shows that the Santa is serious about his job and gives you an added sense of safety. Make sure that the background check is recent to ensure that you have the most accurate information.

What does your appearance fee cover?

When you hire a Santa, what do you get? Some St. Nick's come in, sit, act jolly, and let the kiddos line up to ask for their Christmas wishes. Others may provide more extensive services. These can include singing Christmas carols, storytelling, or more elaborate photo ops.

How long a period of time will you work for?

Your party or event has a time limit, right? If you want to your Santa to stay for the entire duration, you need to know just how long his appearance fee covers. Some Santas have a set amount of time that they work for. Others may have a base that they are willing to add on to.

What do you know about the new "hot" toys?

The kids at your event will likely be asking for the most popular, brand-new tech toys. Your Santa for hire needs to know what the cool gifts are this year. Why? The better informed your character actor is, the more easily the event will go. As the kids all ask for the "it" toy, Santa will know exactly how to respond.

Knowing the right questions to ask when you hire a Santa Claus is the first step to making your holiday event a memory-maker. With a solid interview process mapped out, you can feel comfortable with your choice and make the best pick possible. Contact a company such as Nationwide Santas to get in touch with Santas for hire today.