Key Tips For Making The Best Use Of Your Outdoor Wedding Venue As A June Bride

Kathryn Gordon

If you're planning a June wedding, as almost 11 out of every 100 brides do, in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather that is associated with that month, it's important to be aware of variables that could impact your joy on your big day. For instance, although June is often lovely and warm, weather issues are always a possibility and you should have a contingency plan if the weather becomes problematic. In addition, it's a good idea to verify the size of different rental chairs in order to comfortably maximize the number of guests in a tent and to be sure that your electrical needs can be met. Therefore, when you are planning a perfect June wedding, it's best to be aware of the following tips for accessorizing your ideal venue.

Plan For Weather Issues

As you envision your wedding day, you are probably picturing a sunny day with a light breeze and an optimum temperature. While that is something that many June brides get, it is also possible that high winds or an unexpected rainstorm could ruin your hair, drench your guests and allow your big day to be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. In addition, the rural appeal of a mountainside or beach wedding can quickly diminish when you realize that everyone is too hot and your perfectly applied makeup is running off your face. 

As a result, you should consider renting an easily assembled tent as a backup measure, even if your preference is to have the wedding, reception and other aspects of your wedding directly under the sun or stars. Regardless of how remote your venue is, electricity for fans, food warmers, etc. should be accessible to the area where the reception actually takes place. Some couples opt for electric generators that can be discreetly hidden in order to meet that need without diminishing the aesthetic appeal of their wedding day.

In addition, if you're planning an evening ceremony that will feature candles, you might want to look into candles that protect the flame, so they don't burn out every time a breeze occurs. 

Maximize The Usable Space Of The Tent (Even If You Hope You Don't Need It)

Since most tents are rented by themselves and lack the chairs, fans and other accessories you probably expect, you should be aware that you have different seating options than the chairs that other brides before you have chosen. Whether you have planned to use the tent for the wedding all along or you are only renting it in case the weather requires it, knowing its dimensions will help you to determine how many guests can be comfortably seated and protected within it.

The fire marshal in your area might have maximum occupancy limits for the different sizes of wedding tents, as might the company you are renting the tent from. If neither of those are applicable, you might be able to include more guests safely within a tent by using slightly smaller chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture. Alternatively, your photographer might be able to get the beautiful photos you deserve while using less space by changing the angle at which he or she takes the pictures or by arranging in advance a few different places where the tripod could be placed.

In conclusion, you're likely to remember every detail of your wedding day for the rest of your life. As a result, the above advice will be quite useful when you're personalizing and perfecting your venue. Check out sites like for more information.