Props You Can Use For Flying Effects

Kathryn Gordon

Whether you are putting on a theater performance or something else fun and dramatic, you might look for a way to implement a flying effect on the stage. In many cases, you want to create a dramatic effect that will catch the audience off guard. No matter the case, you can rely on props to help you create a compelling story with flying effects.

Magic Carpet

Whether you are putting on a production of Aladdin or you want to create the magic that the scene inspires, you can appreciate the flying effect produced by a magic carpet prop. This carpet effect allows your actors to fly in different directions safely. The platform can be decorated to showcase your preferred style for your show.

Flying Carriage

For many productions, you might be interested in showing somebody sailing away in a magic carriage. A carriage can be decorated with flowers, lights, blankets, and many other items that make the carriage look and feel gorgeous. The inside of the carriage can also be made more comfortable with seating.


A birdcage that can lift or fly can certainly add a lot more drama to your production. In addition, birdcages can accommodate as many people inside as you need them to, and you can find or build these props in different sizes. You may also appreciate the ability to paint a birdcage in different ways or to use different ornaments and styles to decorate it.

Get Creative

There are so many other devices you can make fly. If you are putting on a production of The Wizard of Oz, for instance, you might want to have a bicycle that can actually fly. You might even want a house prop that flies as if it is in a tornado. You might want wings that can give the appearance of flight or perhaps even a flying car. No matter your needs, you can find a flying item that will bring more drama and excitement to your production.

Props are useful for flying effects. No matter what kind of props you intend to use, make sure you reach out to a company with safe flying effects. You may be surprised at how realistic and fun many of the effects can be when they are displayed in front of an adoring and excited audience. Call a company in your area that offers flying effects for theater to discuss your production and how you want to create excitement for your show.