Escape Rooms: Ideal For Most Social Functions

Kathryn Gordon

Escape rooms inject energy into all of your social events. Far from being one-size-fits-all, they offer opportunities for groups of any type to team-build, problem-solve, generate rapport, and have loads of fun while doing it.

Most games are designed to last about an hour for kids and families, while some games can last longer. It's also possible to work with the escape room provider to tailor a custom game that fits whatever timeframe you have in mind.

Before Reading Any Farther: The Escape Room and Covid-19

Most games have traditionally been played onsite at the escape room provider's location. With the global pandemic, participation at onsite escape rooms has been discouraged or outright banned in many locations. While the restrictions are loosening, many people still don't feel comfortable returning to large social gathering places. Luckily, many escape rooms also offer online games and mobile hosting at your location. These provide a perfect opportunity to experience all the benefits of a traditional escape room minus the risk of open to public spaces. Some mobile escape rooms can provide hours of fun for groups of about 100 people.

Family Friendly

Kids excel at solving puzzles and completing tasks and they love every minute of it. Escape rooms make birthday parties a blast. They're also the perfect pre-game activity for sleepovers.

For the family, escape rooms provide a conduit from modern life to quality family time by encouraging everyone to be involved. They are far more interactive and exciting than a card or board game. And the best part is that your family will forget about their phones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Friends & Dates

Small talk, dinner, and a movie is an old and crusty idea for a date. Scheduling an escape room provides plenty of relevant activities for couples. If anything, a relationship is a series of puzzles and tasks not unlike an escape room. See how well you two fit together as a team trying to accomplish a goal.

When it's just you and your buddies, you have to ask yourself if going to the bar is worth it. The next day you'll all feel terrible and not likely to remember anything good. At an escape room, you can strengthen your bonds as friends while having plenty to talk about, and good times to remember.

Corporate Retreats

Any organization functions more efficiently when its employees utilize their combined abilities to accomplish a goal. Trust falls and yelling at each other are outdated corporate team-building events. Many top companies can schedule escape room games for their employees. If they rely on escape rooms to improve team dynamics and problem solving for their organizations, shouldn't you give it a shot for yours?