Elements Of Your Home You May Not Realize Can Be Automated

Kathryn Gordon

Home automation has become more common over the past few years. Most people now have a programmable thermostat — this was one of the first home automation options. There are automated doorbells and automated security cameras. But there are also other elements of your home that you might not realize can be automated.


Do you hate trying to let down your blinds, only for the strings to become tangled or the blinds to fall unevenly? Automated blinds may be the perfect solution for you. These blinds have a small motor in the top portion, and the motor ravels them down and up. Some older versions come with a little remote control, but the most high-tech automated blinds are able to be controlled with your smartphone. You can roll the blinds up or down while you're at work or elsewhere.

Outdoor Plugs

In the winter, if you hang holiday lights, you may dread having to venture outside in the cold to turn those lights off late at night. A modern option would be to install an automated outdoor plug and then plug your holiday lights into that plug. You can then turn the outlet off with your smartphone, which will turn your holiday lights off without you having to venture outside. Of course, you can use this solution for outdoor lights year-round, too.

Automated Pet Feeder

Do you wish you could feed your dog smaller meals more often? Maybe you wish you had a way to keep your cat fed when you went away for two or three days. An automated pet feeder is the perfect solution. You can fill these feeders with food, and they dispense it on a regular schedule. Many can be controlled with your smartphone so you can dispense an extra feeding remotely or cancel a feeding if needed.

Automated Plant Watering Systems

Taking care of plants while you're out of town can be tough. It may seem silly to have a family member stop by just to water your plants. And if you're not someone with a green thumb, remembering to water plants when you're home may even be a challenge. An automated plant waterer is basically a tank that holds water and dispenses some into your plant's pot each day at a set time. The most advanced ones coordinate with your smartphone so you can see when the water level gets low or give the plants some extra water on-demand.

Home automation is growing and improving by the year. Consider some of the above home automation options, along with others.