Snail Mail Letter Boxes

Kathryn Gordon

Consider signing up for a snail mail letter subscription service that includes a monthly shipment of greeting cards, stationery, and writing implements. Use the materials in each box to create beautiful cards or letters that can be mailed separately or placed with gift items that you are preparing for someone.

Decorative Materials

Embossing ink, calligraphy, and fabric appliques are some materials that can make a card or letter stand out. Some subscription plans may feature these decorative items. Materials that are provided within each shipment and detailed instructions will help you get accustomed to the decorative technique that you will be adding to each custom card or letter that you are preparing.

Practice the technique that you will be using in order to customize each of your creations. When finished, deck out a card or letter with the decorative material. If you will be enclosing the card or letter with a gift item, purchase some plain white or brown paper to wrap the gift in. Use the embossing ink or another decorative material to enhance the gift wrap and give it a look that complements the custom card or letter.

Multiple Subscriptions

If you would like to ensure that the person who you correspond with the most will be prepared to write a letter in response to what you initially mail them, purchase them a subscription through the same service. Consider what types of hobbies or artwork the person on the receiving end enjoys. Choose a themed box that contains a series of writing paper, cards, and writing tools.

Some subscription services offer boxes that include stamps. If you are going to be writing to a person who doesn't make many trips outside of their home, selecting a subscription plan that includes postage will guarantee that the individual has a viable way to mail each letter or card that they prepare. 

Modifications To Your Plan

Some subscription services offer a pay-as-you-go plan. The plan that you initially sign up for can be modified at any time. If you are impressed with the wide range of materials that a supplier sells and would like to experience many of the products that are being offered, modify the future shipments that you receive through the service. The ability to try out a few different card and letter styles or decorating techniques may prompt you to write more often and will make each of your custom creations unique from one another.

For more information, reach out to a snail mail letter subscription service near you.