Helpful Tips for Going to Your First Live Hockey Game

Kathryn Gordon

You might be a big-time hockey enthusiast, and you might have always tried to watch your favorite teams on TV when possible. Now, you might be ready to take things up a notch and go to your first live hockey game. If it's your first time, you might not really know what to expect, and you're probably hoping to do everything that you can to make it a great experience. These are a few tips that should help you out when going to your first live hockey game.

Buy Your Tickets from the Right Place

First of all, make sure that you purchase your hockey game tickets from an authorized seller. You don't want to accidentally purchase tickets that aren't valid, which you are at a higher risk of if you purchase the tickets from an individual or from a website that isn't an authorized seller. In many cases, buying your tickets in this way is more expensive, too. 

Bring a Jacket

Typically, the ice rinks where hockey is played are enclosed, so you aren't going to actually be in the same cold air that the hockey players are in. However, this doesn't mean that the arena might not get a little bit chilly. It's a good idea to bring along a jacket or sweatshirt so that you can stay warm, just in case.

Get There Early

Don't plan on getting to the hockey game at the same time that the puck drops. Instead, you'll want to arrive about an hour or so early. This will give you time to get through the line and go through arena security. If you want to get something to eat, you should have time to do so, and you should have additional time to use the restroom, find your seats, and get comfortable and ready to watch the game.

Find Out About Purse Policies Beforehand

Be aware that many hockey arenas have rules in place about what you can and cannot bring into the arena. For example, many arenas only allow you to bring in clear bags or purses, and they have to be under a certain size. There are also rules about other things that you can and cannot bring, such as flags or coolers. Make sure that you check into this policy — such as by checking out the venue's website — before you go. Then, you can make sure that you don't accidentally bring along anything that will not be allowed.

Remember to enjoy yourself most of all. You can use these tips and watch live hockey games regardless of if it's your first or hundredth game!