Tips for Safely Using Fireworks

Kathryn Gordon

There are many holidays and major events where fireworks can be an important part of the celebration. While fireworks can be an enjoyable way of making these events more exciting, it is still important for individuals to be responsible and informed when they are using them.

Only Buy Fireworks from Established Sellers

Fireworks should only be purchased from licensed and established fireworks stores. These facilities will go to great lengths to ensure that they are caring fireworks that have been properly manufactured and stored. Unfortunately, individuals that attempt to save money by buying their fireworks from less reputable sources could find themselves more prone to acquiring fireworks that are likely to fail to ignite or that may ignite in an unexpected or unpredictable way. It is always best to go to a legitimate fireworks store.

Select an Appropriate Area for Lighting the Type of Fireworks That You Have Purchased

The area where you are planning to use the fireworks will be another consideration that you will need to weigh. For example, if there are trees or bushes in the vicinity, you may want to avoid the use of rocket-style fireworks as they may have a greater chance of landing in these areas and potentially causing a fire to start. When choosing a potential area for the fireworks, choosing a location that is largely paved and that lacks any trees in the immediate area can be one of the safer options as it will provide you with the widest range of firework options that can be safely used in this area. Unfortunately, igniting fireworks on a grassy surface can be among the worst areas to use them, as there will be a far greater chance of the grass igniting from the fireworks and quickly growing into a sizable grass fire.

Keep a Bucket of Water or Fire Extinguisher Handy When Igniting the Fireworks

Being prepared for an accident can be important whenever you or your family are using fireworks. In particular, responding to incidents where the fireworks have caused fires to start can be critical to intervening before the flames have a chance to spread and grow. At a minimum, you should plan on having a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher available whenever you are using fireworks. For the best results, you may want to have both as the bucket of water can be effective for safely extinguishing fireworks that may have failed to ignite. Conversely, the fire extinguisher can be an important option for when a small fire gets started.