Reasons To Choose A Gas Golf Cart On Vacation

Kathryn Gordon

If you're planning a vacation and want to prioritize getting around with ease, you may wish to find a vacation golf cart rental service in the area. It's exciting to park your primary vehicle and know that your rented golf cart will provide transportation for you and your family during the entirety of your stay. Some golf cart rental services will have both gas-powered and electric golf carts available for people to rent. While electric carts have some advantages, there are several reasons that you may prefer to rent a gas-powered cart.

Longer Range

If you were to rent an electric golf cart, you'd need to constantly be thinking about the range of the battery. These carts will only operate for a specific amount of time before their battery runs empty, which could leave you temporarily stranded. On a vacation, you may not want to worry about the cart's battery life when you're out enjoying yourself. A gas-powered golf cart can be a better option because of its long range. Whenever you get low on gas, you can simply pull into a local gas station and fill the cart's tank.

Easier To Hear

Gas golf carts are noticeably louder than their electric counterparts. The volume won't be enough to bother you, however. For example, you'll be able to easily carry on a conversation with your passengers as you drive. The elevated volume of a gas golf cart is important from a safety perspective. The noise of the cart will help to make pedestrians and motorists aware of your presence. Electric carts are so quiet that someone may step out into your path because they failed to hear you coming. With a gas-powered cart, such an incident would be unlikely.

No Charging Hassles

A lot of people rent golf carts for multiple days of their vacation. If you have a vacation home rental, for example, you can park the golf cart in the garage or driveway during your stay. An electric cart can be an issue because your vacation home may not be adequately equipped to charge the vehicle in the garage or driveway. This may prompt you to have to seek out an alternative overnight charging location, which can be a hassle. You'll save this nuisance when you choose a gas-powered cart, as you can park it wherever you want because it doesn't need charging. Contact a vacation golf cart rental service to learn about its fleet.