3 Types Of Wrestling Shows You Will See At A Comedy Event Theater

Kathryn Gordon

You normally wouldn't associate the world of pro-wrestling with stand-up comedy, but the two worlds have a lot in common. As you browse a schedule for a comedy event theater, you may find specific events with a pro-wrestling theme. The mix of wrestling and comedy can include a lot of great moments and memorable live events.

To help understand the types of wrestling shows you could see at a comedy theater, check out this guide. By the end, you will know which shows cater to your interests and you can look for tickets specifically for the show.

Wrestler Stand-Up Comedians

Wrestlers perform in the ring on a near-weekly basis. When they're not wrestling in matches, they will typically hone their skills on the microphone. Many wrestlers evolve their mic skills through stand-up comedy. Look for wrestlers who perform traditional stand-up shows. The topics in the stand-up comedy may include wrestling along with everyday topics like dating and life.

When you see a wrestler perform stand-up comedy, you will see a whole different side to the wrestler that goes beyond just their character in the ring.

Live Podcasts

Many current and former wrestlers host weekly podcasts that cover the world of pro wrestling. Some podcasts may reflect on past events and other may focus on specific topics like wrestling action figures. Some wrestlers may choose to host a special live edition of their podcast at a comedy event theater.

A live podcast will include interviews, crowd interactions, and a lot of the same content found on a recorded podcast. Sometimes the event is just for the live crowd and other times they will record the event and release the content as well. The live atmosphere adds a lot to the podcast and creates a fun way to watch a show.

Wrestling Q&A Viewing Parties

Some wrestlers may choose to host a viewing party for special wrestling events. A comedy theater will use a projection screen to showcase a wrestling event. The event could be a wrestling pay-per-view from the past or a live event that takes place at the same time.

Along with the excitement of watching with a live crowd, you have the opportunity to participate in a live question and answer session with the wrestling guests. You could ask questions live and interact with the wrestling guests. Some of the events may also include a meet and greet session with the opportunity to take a photo afterward.

Look for one or more of the events hosted at a local comedy theater.